If you have completed your family and are looking for a permanent method of contraception, vasectomy may be the right choice for you.

Since 2002 our Dr Marie vasectomy experts have performed more than 11,000 procedures throughout our Australian clinics. We provide the consultation and procedure on the same day along with convenient locations and appointment times.

After the procedure you will have complete peace of mind with access to our national 24 hour aftercare support.

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About the procedure

Vasectomy is a simple day-procedure performed at a Dr Marie clinic which closes off the small sperm-carrying tubes (vas deferens) located in the scrotum to prevent sperm from getting into the seminal fluid you ejaculate.

At Dr Marie, vasectomies are usually performed under local anaesthetic but if preferred, intravenous (twilight) sedation may be available at some clinics. A local anaesthetic injection numbs the area and then a very small hole is made in the front of the scrotum. Through this opening, each sperm carrying tube (vas deferen) is cut and sealed off. Once this heals you will have a very small scar on the scrotum which will become invisible over time.

The consultation and procedure take place on the same day and the procedure usually takes around 15-30 minutes. If you have sedation you will need to fast and have someone to drive you home.

You might want to take it easy and have a day or two off work, or more if your work is very physical. Ordinary painkillers and a cold pack will help manage discomfort when you get home.

After having a vasectomy, you will climax and ejaculate as before, but the sperm produced in the testicles can no longer travel through these tubes, therefore eliminating the chance of conception.

You will need to submit a semen sample three months after the procedure to ensure your semen is sperm-free. This is very important. You will need to use contraception until then.

Effectiveness Of A Vasectomy

Vasectomy is an extremely effective method of contraception. The failure rate is much less than 1%. However, there is a slight chance of failure that can occur at any time due to the sperm-carrying tubes rejoining naturally. The vast majority of failures occur within two months of the procedure, so if the semen test suggests the vasectomy has failed, the procedure can be repeated at no extra cost.

24 hour aftercare

After your procedure, you will have access to our national  24 hour vasectomy aftercare.