At Dr Marie we understand that women at all stages of their reproductive life can find themselves faced with having to make the difficult decision to terminate a pregnancy.

Our services provide women with a supportive, compassionate and confidential environment in which to discuss and assess the available options. We assist you in deciding what the right procedure is for you, depending on your preference and the stage of the pregnancy.

All patients (Medicare and non-Medicare) undergoing a termination of pregnancy procedure at a Dr Marie clinic are eligible for a free STI check for Chlamydia and any other STI deemed appropriate by assessment, or at your request.

To make an appointment or to discuss your options, call Dr Marie today.

Surgical abortion

Surgical abortion is a safe and straightforward day-surgery procedure that is most commonly performed in the first trimester (up to 12–14 weeks’ gestation).

Surgical abortion in the first trimester is a low-risk procedure with a high success rate of greater than 98%. A doctor uses gentle suction to remove the pregnancy from the uterus. The procedure takes between 5–15 minutes and is usually performed under intravenous (twilight) sedation. Local anesthetic can be used if preferred.

Late term (second trimester) surgical abortion may be performed up to 20 weeks in most states, and up to 24 weeks in Victoria, but requires a more involved procedure.

For more information about what’s involved in a surgical abortion or to make an appointment, please follow the links below.

Medical abortion

If you are up to 9 weeks pregnant, you may consider a medical (non-surgical) abortion. Medical abortion is a two-stage process. The first stage involves taking a tablet which blocks the hormone necessary for the pregnancy to continue. This is followed 24-48 hours later by a second medication which causes the contents of the uterus to be expelled. Overall, medical termination is a low risk non-surgical option for early termination with a high success rate, up to 98%.

Medical abortion is available at Dr Marie clinics through a face-to-face consultation or, if you cannot access a clinic, you may be eligible for a medical abortion via teleconsultation (tele-abortion). For more information about medical abortion, our tele-abortion service, or to make an appointment, follow the links below.